• Brick by Brick Campaign

    Together we will build a solid foundation for the Fondation Sénégal Santé Mobile. Over the next five years, the campaign will provide primary care medications and supplies to at least 50 Postes de Santé in Senegal. Also 20% of your donations will go into a fund to establish our first Poste Mobile, which will serve rural areas that have limited or no health services.

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  • Plan Maternité

    The Fondation Sénégal Santé Mobile is actively involved in the fight against infant mortality. The Plan Maternité project provides prenatal and postnatal care in Senegalese villages that are most in need by providing them with qualified health professionals and services basic health essential to healthy pregnancy and delivery. Our novel approach brings these services to women in their homes.

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  • LifePads Africa

    Many girls in Senegal miss 1 week a month of school. While on their period these girls will stay home. Menstrual pads may be unavailable or unaffordable. They do not have safe products that allow them to move around freely without soiling themselves and their clothing. The same can also be said of many village women, they may not afford to buy disposable sanitary napkins and so use makeshift home remedies that are not very absorbent or waterproof. This limits their freedom of movement. Our project LifePads Africa aims to change this situation: to give freedom of movement and empowerment to women and girls during their menstrual period. LifePads Africa will manufacture and distribute reusable washable menstrual pads for girls and women in Senegal.

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  • Mod’Afrique T-shirts decorated with African motifs

    AVAILABLE NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT-- senegalsantemobile@videotron.ca . Click on mod’afrique at the top of the page to see the the models that are available and to make your order Each purchase of a t-shirt contributes to our programs that support maternal and baby care in Senegal

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